Managing tomorrow’s risks today

Enterprise Risk Management lays at the center of an organisation’s success. Critical for corporate growth and development and in today’s volatile business environment we face a much more diverse and uncertain set of obstacles.

The biggest risk to the existence of any company is not having a company-wide enterprise risk management programme! You will leave ERM Africa knowing you are equipped to safeguard your organisation.

The main theme for ERM Africa is: One size does not fit all: Adapting and customising ERM strategies to the challenges faced by East African Countries.

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ERM Africa provides a platform for:

ey technologies

Key technologies to be evaluated

Risk experts

Risk experts dedicated to growing Africa’s business awareness, compliance and efficiency to network and brainstorm ideas

Organisations to jump

Organisations to jump ahead and stay ahead of challenges that they are facing

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Who should attend?


Chief risk officers and their teams to develop their understanding of governance, risk management and compliance


Directors and managers


Specialist in Financial risk, IT risk, business continuity who want to dig deeper and leave with the skills to eliminate uncertainties.


Internal auditors, financial officers, information security officers who play a key role in their integrated risk management system or more fundamentally those who do not and realise the critical need to


Consultants seeking to meet perspective client seeking strategic advisory


Practical solution providers who can offer key technologies and services that can help in managing organisations risks.

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